Establishing Equitable Expectations: Writing the Unwritten Rules of the Workplace

By Anonymous (Follow us on LinkedIn) Picture it. You started your new job a week ago, and your first staff meeting starts in five minutes. You make your way to the conference room, only to find that everyone else is already there and the meeting is underway. You quickly sit down and surreptitiously check the clock—no,Continue reading “Establishing Equitable Expectations: Writing the Unwritten Rules of the Workplace”

From DOOM Box to Boom Box

By Michael Muehe In July, I attended the AALL conference in Denver, ready to take in new ideas, meet new people, and learn lots of librarianship tips and tricks from colleagues and vendors; but, in the back of my mind, I worried about how much information I would actually end up remembering from it. AsContinue reading “From DOOM Box to Boom Box”

reMarkable: The Way We Change for Technology

By Aamir Abdullah As with most technophiles, I read about, watch reviews of, and hyper-focus on the latest and greatest advancements in technology. From iPhones to Westlaw Edge updates, I want to ingest all the information I can. I hope to incorporate useful new features and products into my workflow.  Unfortunately, my dreams and imaginationContinue reading “reMarkable: The Way We Change for Technology”