Small Steps, Big Bonds: Simple Acts to Reconnect

By Francesco Fasano (Follow us on LinkedIn) One of the reasons I was drawn to librarianship is the connections we create with our constituency and among ourselves. As we emerged from the pandemic at full speed, a significant change observed was the way we related to one another. It was unsurprising to me that data fromContinue reading “Small Steps, Big Bonds: Simple Acts to Reconnect”

Depression Hurts: You Can Make It Better

By Rebecca Potance (Follow us on LinkedIn) If you or a loved one suffer from clinical depression, I recommend watching the 2011 film “Melancholia.” The first part of the movie features a recently married woman named Justine at her hilariously dysfunctional wedding reception. She puts on a smile in front of her husband and the guests,Continue reading “Depression Hurts: You Can Make It Better”

Mo Money, Mo Problems: How to Quit

By Trezlen Drake (Follow us on LinkedIn) As a first generation professional, my family has emphasized their belief that when one has a job, you should stay there no matter what. Discomfort in the work environment is likened to a petty grievance rather than a true concern about toxicity. I have been told that, since allContinue reading “Mo Money, Mo Problems: How to Quit”

Living Well, Living Mindfully in a Post-Pandemic World

By Allan Cho (Follow us on LinkedIn) “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise” – Victor Hugo  Since the pandemic, I had been living life as if everything was normal even though the world around me seemed to be falling apart. While externally I was fine, internally I was struggling. Early on,Continue reading “Living Well, Living Mindfully in a Post-Pandemic World”

Keeping a Healthy Mindset at Work – The Librarian’s Four Agreements

By Havilah Steinman Bakken (Follow us on LinkedIn) I recently had the opportunity to read The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz for the first time. The author explores four decisions they have made to promote mental health and a practical mindset in daily life. Making the following four agreements with myself as the author describesContinue reading “Keeping a Healthy Mindset at Work – The Librarian’s Four Agreements”

Work Life Balance, Guilty Mom Syndrome

By Itunu Sofidiya (Follow us on LinkedIn) I am the first to admit that I completely understand why many people don’t want to have kids. I have a ten-year-old son, who I absolutely adore.  However, mommying while working is difficult and expensive. I guess expensive is relative, because kids don’t have to bankrupt you. However, as a parent,Continue reading “Work Life Balance, Guilty Mom Syndrome”