The Truth is in the Stories 

By Mikayla Redden (Follow us on LinkedIn) As I sit here writing, it’s Truth and Reconciliation Week in Canada. With a deadline looming, there were several topics I considered writing about, but this week—the last few weeks, if I’m being honest—there’s only one on my mind. That being the Truth and the stories I learned itContinue reading “The Truth is in the Stories “

Journalists and Trauma: The Stories that Stuck with Me

By Aesha Duval It has been 14 years since I worked as a full-time newspaper reporter. Yet, some of the events and people I’ve written about still haunt me. They didn’t teach it in journalism school, but reporters tend to separate their emotions from the subject and sources of their news stories. We “suck itContinue reading “Journalists and Trauma: The Stories that Stuck with Me”