Have a Toxic Boss? Get Out!

by Marcelo Rodríguez We get used to everything and anything: from the inept and the incompetent to the toxic and the abusive. My thesis gets confirmed every time I get emails commenting on my previous posts: Let’s Play a Game: Who is Missing at the Law Library Table? and Top 5 Things to Do inContinue reading “Have a Toxic Boss? Get Out!”

Do I Have To?!: Professional Development and Law Librarians

By Clanitra Stewart Nejdl The question raised in the title of this post is whether law librarians have to participate in professional development. The answer is yes. Yes, we do. I thank you for your time. Have a great day! Alright, fine. There is obviously more nuance to the issue than that and there areContinue reading “Do I Have To?!: Professional Development and Law Librarians”

Speak Up and Advocate for Yourself!

By Brandi Robertson Recently, in a discussion with two colleagues of mine, one expressed how stressed and overworked they felt. This colleague had essentially taken on the tasks of another position in addition to their normal duties without any support.  The other person in this discussion brought up how they had been in a similarContinue reading “Speak Up and Advocate for Yourself!”