Limp Lettuce in the New Generational Sandwich

By Caroline Nevin (Follow us on LinkedIn) When I was a young parent in the 90s, the concept of the Sandwich Generation was well established. People talking about this were in their 40s or early 50s, raising dependent children at home and supporting their aging parents (who mostly lived on their own). Fast forward many medicalContinue reading “Limp Lettuce in the New Generational Sandwich”

A Tale of Change and Healing Through… a Sandwich

By Cecilia Tellis (Follow us on LinkedIn) Today, for the first time in a long time, I made a sandwich. Well, two actually – one for me, and one for my kiddo. Nothing too fancy: lightly toasted rye bread, ham (the plant-based kind), Swiss cheese (not my fave, but all that we had), thinly sliced dillContinue reading “A Tale of Change and Healing Through… a Sandwich”

Living Well, Living Mindfully in a Post-Pandemic World

By Allan Cho (Follow us on LinkedIn) “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise” – Victor Hugo  Since the pandemic, I had been living life as if everything was normal even though the world around me seemed to be falling apart. While externally I was fine, internally I was struggling. Early on,Continue reading “Living Well, Living Mindfully in a Post-Pandemic World”

Honouring the Radical History of Self-Care

By Lynie Awywen (Follow us on LinkedIn) If ‘prioritizing self-care’ is one of your resolutions this year — or an ongoing core value you wish to remain in alignment with, it is important to honour the radical history of the term as you embark on your own intention setting rituals. There is power in looking backContinue reading “Honouring the Radical History of Self-Care”