Empowering Access to Justice Through Technology

by Andre Davison (Follow us on LinkedIn) The Harris County Robert W. Hainsworth Law Library in partnership with the Texas Legal Services Center is excited to announce the opening of the Texas Legal Services Center Kiosk at the library. The kiosk, a cornerstone of the Virtual Court Access Project, represents a significant leap toward a moreContinue reading “Empowering Access to Justice Through Technology”

The Pack Horse Library Project of East Kentucky

By Caroline Nevin (Follow us on LinkedIn) I’ve belonged to the same book club for over 25 years. It has evolved as people’s lives change of course, but at its core it’s a group of women who want to better understand the world through the writing of people with different perspectives than us. I feelContinue reading “The Pack Horse Library Project of East Kentucky”

Public Law Librarianship in Action

By Caroline Nevin I’m now in my fourth year as CEO of what is almost certainly the largest independently-run public law library system in North America, Courthouse Libraries – BC. We operate law libraries inside 30 courthouses, providing an extensive list of virtual and in-person services to members of the legal community, intermediaries and publicContinue reading “Public Law Librarianship in Action”