Those in the Audience: What’s Going On?!

By Le’Shawn Turner (Follow us on LinkedIn) School has begun for the 2023-2024 academic year! Undoubtedly, the beginning of school brings the start of school-sponsored sports. There will be football, volleyball, softball, cross country, basketball, wrestling, track & field, soccer, tennis, and (while not a sport) band. I encourage my children to participate in as manyContinue reading “Those in the Audience: What’s Going On?!”

A Tale of Change and Healing Through… a Sandwich

By Cecilia Tellis (Follow us on LinkedIn) Today, for the first time in a long time, I made a sandwich. Well, two actually – one for me, and one for my kiddo. Nothing too fancy: lightly toasted rye bread, ham (the plant-based kind), Swiss cheese (not my fave, but all that we had), thinly sliced dillContinue reading “A Tale of Change and Healing Through… a Sandwich”

Work Life Balance, Guilty Mom Syndrome

By Itunu Sofidiya (Follow us on LinkedIn) I am the first to admit that I completely understand why many people don’t want to have kids. I have a ten-year-old son, who I absolutely adore.  However, mommying while working is difficult and expensive. I guess expensive is relative, because kids don’t have to bankrupt you. However, as a parent,Continue reading “Work Life Balance, Guilty Mom Syndrome”