Stay or Go in a World on Fire

By Donna Nixon (Follow us on LinkedIn) A myth widely told is that a frog in tepid water that slowly is heated to boiling will stay in the pot and boil to death. It is fiction meant to convey the idea that one can normalize and passively accept being in an untenable or life-threatening situation becauseContinue reading “Stay or Go in a World on Fire”

AI Tools in Legal Writing: ChatGPT Enhances, But Does Not Replace, Librarians and Attorneys

By Ana Rosa Ramírez Toft-Nielsen (Follow us on LinkedIn) ChatGPT is all anyone can talk about, so why not write about it some more. The legal profession has seen significant advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) over the years, including the use of ChatGPT. While ChatGPT could change legal writing methods, it is not a substitute forContinue reading “AI Tools in Legal Writing: ChatGPT Enhances, But Does Not Replace, Librarians and Attorneys”

ChatGPT and Law Librarians – Potential and Peril

By Jennifer Mendez (Follow us on LinkedIn) In the May/June 2022 issue of AALL Spectrum, I had the honor of co-authoring an article titled, Innovation Is Changing the Role of Law Librarians—And They’re Ready for It. In that article, my coauthors, G. Patrick Flanagan and Jill L. Kilgore, and I argued that, “Because law librarians areContinue reading “ChatGPT and Law Librarians – Potential and Peril”

On Going with the Flow

By Rebecca Potance I have this recurring dream where I’m sitting in the passenger seat of a car desperately trying to steer the vehicle. My feet can’t reach the pedals, my arms can’t reach the steering wheel, there’s no one in the driver’s seat, but yet the car is moving. I feel sick and IContinue reading “On Going with the Flow”

Change Management Checklist

By Elizabeth Graham At this point, it feels pretty unnecessary to reiterate how libraries are constantly changing, but let the record show I’ve acknowledged it, CHANGE IS A THING. It will always be a thing. Whether it’s a pandemic, a system migration, or even a new boss, change is unavoidable. Throughout my career I’ve comeContinue reading “Change Management Checklist”