Meditation, Mindfulness, and Legal Research

By Michael Muehe (Follow us on LinkedIn) “Please tilt away your computers and phones; in front of you is an index card,” I explained at the beginning of my research workshops. “I’m going to start the timer for 2 minutes, and as your mind wanders, I want you to write down on the card any thoughtsContinue reading “Meditation, Mindfulness, and Legal Research”

Beyond Hustle Culture: Repairing My Relationship with Rest

By Lynie Awywen (Follow us on LinkedIn) I am unwell and it is driving me nuts! The thought “I hate being weak” reverberates in my mind as I wrestle with the unsettling notion of ‘rest’ and the profound discomfort I feel at the idea of slowing down. As a woman of colour living with an invisibleContinue reading “Beyond Hustle Culture: Repairing My Relationship with Rest”

Depression Hurts: You Can Make It Better

By Rebecca Potance (Follow us on LinkedIn) If you or a loved one suffer from clinical depression, I recommend watching the 2011 film “Melancholia.” The first part of the movie features a recently married woman named Justine at her hilariously dysfunctional wedding reception. She puts on a smile in front of her husband and the guests,Continue reading “Depression Hurts: You Can Make It Better”

Living Well, Living Mindfully in a Post-Pandemic World

By Allan Cho (Follow us on LinkedIn) “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise” – Victor Hugo  Since the pandemic, I had been living life as if everything was normal even though the world around me seemed to be falling apart. While externally I was fine, internally I was struggling. Early on,Continue reading “Living Well, Living Mindfully in a Post-Pandemic World”