An Ode to My Elders: On The Value of Intergenerational Connections

By Lynie Awywen (Follow us on LinkedIn) In my current role as community librarian working from B3 organizations (Black-focused, Black-led, and/or Black-serving), I have had the privilege of gaining invaluable insights and experiences. I believe that effective service planning requires building relationships with community members, centering “soft skills” such as empathy and open-mindedness and understanding theContinue reading “An Ode to My Elders: On The Value of Intergenerational Connections”

The Benefits and Virtues of Actually Keeping in Touch

By Sabrina Sondhi (Follow us on LinkedIn) Having attended multiple schools and worked for many employers over the years, I’m happy to say that some of my former classmates and colleagues also became my friends. These are the people that I hold onto with both hands. Pre-pandemic I travelled a lot and used to regularly catchContinue reading “The Benefits and Virtues of Actually Keeping in Touch”

Dotting the I’s of Connection

By Andre Davison (Follow us on LinkedIn) My personal and professional goal in all my relationships is to transition from interaction to connection.  The Cambridge Dictionary online defines interaction as “a situation where two or more people or things communicate with each other or react to each other”. NY Times bestselling author and professor, BrenéContinue reading “Dotting the I’s of Connection”

Candle in the Wind

By Jenny Silbiger We find ourselves in a world opened up from pandemic safety restrictions, with libraries in various scenes of full operation, and for which I find myself in a state of cautious excitement about embracing the physical opening of our doors, delivery of in-person services and physical access to our resources.  At theContinue reading “Candle in the Wind”