Living Well, Living Mindfully in a Post-Pandemic World

By Allan Cho (Follow us on LinkedIn) “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise” – Victor Hugo  Since the pandemic, I had been living life as if everything was normal even though the world around me seemed to be falling apart. While externally I was fine, internally I was struggling. Early on,Continue reading “Living Well, Living Mindfully in a Post-Pandemic World”

We Are Not History Part II: How You Can Help

By Mikayla Redden (Follow us on LinkedIn) Last summer I posted a critique of the Library of Congress classification system’s treatment of materials about Indigenous peoples in We are Not History. Since then, I’ve received many questions about decolonizing professional practice and services: Where do I start? How do I know what is okay and notContinue reading “We Are Not History Part II: How You Can Help”

Libraries Work Because People Do

By Rebecca Potance Libraries that run themselves are the stuff of fiction. A library may feel like a magical place, but, in reality, it takes human labor to keep everything running smoothly. Too often library workers are invisible, undervalued and ignored. Our visibility varies depending on the nature of our job duties. Teaching, committee work,Continue reading “Libraries Work Because People Do”