Empowering Access to Justice Through Technology

by Andre Davison (Follow us on LinkedIn) The Harris County Robert W. Hainsworth Law Library in partnership with the Texas Legal Services Center is excited to announce the opening of the Texas Legal Services Center Kiosk at the library. The kiosk, a cornerstone of the Virtual Court Access Project, represents a significant leap toward a moreContinue reading “Empowering Access to Justice Through Technology”

Disrupting Law: Free Access and the Modern Librarian

By Ulysses Jean (Follow us on LinkedIn) The traditional scarcity principle has long governed the economics of legal publishing, leveraging the perception of exclusivity to exact premium fees for specialized or rare legal resources. Corporate publishers became the gatekeepers of the cases, statutes, and regulations that comprise the laws. They repackaged them with annotations and convenientContinue reading “Disrupting Law: Free Access and the Modern Librarian”