Living BIG in our Law Libraries (and beyond)

By Jenny Silbiger (Follow us on LinkedIn) Living BIG is an acronym standing for: Boundaries, Integrity, and Generosity, and is one of the many lessons that surfaced from Dr. Brene Brown’s decades of research around shame, vulnerability, compassion, and wholehearted living. You may have seen my post on the Gifts of Imperfection as relating to lawContinue reading “Living BIG in our Law Libraries (and beyond)”

Applying the Gifts of Imperfection to Law Libraries

By Jenny Silbiger (Follow us on LinkedIn) Happy Holidays NBU colleagues and friends! Last year at this time, I talked about making space for the complicated experiences, nuances, and emotions that the holiday season can bring.  The same person who feels enormous gratitude and generosity for the world can also hold inexpressible grief and sorrow,Continue reading “Applying the Gifts of Imperfection to Law Libraries”