Dotting the I’s of Connection

By Andre Davison (Follow us on LinkedIn) My personal and professional goal in all my relationships is to transition from interaction to connection.  The Cambridge Dictionary online defines interaction as “a situation where two or more people or things communicate with each other or react to each other”. NY Times bestselling author and professor, BrenéContinue reading “Dotting the I’s of Connection”

Do You Speak Spanish?

By Mike Martinez I’ve got a short commute home from the office. Truth be told, I’m usually in my head worrying about my perceived errors and foibles, just melting into thoughts and obligations. NPR blares in the background and it’s a miracle if I can remember things from the commute. This day something in theContinue reading “Do You Speak Spanish?”

Culture Transfer: One Bowl at a Time

By Candice Fong “Ewww that’s disgusting,” as they wrinkled their noses and made mild gagging sounds.  That was the response my children made when I brought a bowl of congee (rice porridge) to the dining table. I couldn’t help but take offense and became defensive.  “Well, you know, fish congee was the very first solidContinue reading “Culture Transfer: One Bowl at a Time”