Conferencing While Marginalized

By Marlena Okechukwu (Follow us on LinkedIn) Conferences are big business. In fact, globally, the Meetings industry generates trillions of dollars annually – “business events is a $1.6 USD trillion industry, with a GDP larger than many global economies” (Events Industry Council, 2023). According to IBIS World analysts, the “market size, measured by revenue, of theContinue reading “Conferencing While Marginalized”

A Call to Ditch the Term ‘Racialized’ When Describing BIPOC Communities

By Lynie Awywen Recently I have been job-hunting (yes – it is still as awful as you remember) and I have noticed a recurring pattern which prompted me to think about the ways in which ‘whiteness’ continues to masquerade as ‘raceless’. Various organizations (Ontario College of Art & Design University, University of Toronto, University ofContinue reading “A Call to Ditch the Term ‘Racialized’ When Describing BIPOC Communities”