The “5 D’s” of Anti Racism

by Jenny Silbiger (Follow us on LinkedIn) My approach to anti-racism is realizing that it is a marathon, not a sprint. And, while the road is long (and sometimes arduous), it does not mean it is not worthy to travel. Let’s get together and walk down this path a little bit. At the 2023 ABA/NLADA EqualContinue reading “The “5 D’s” of Anti Racism”

Living BIG in our Law Libraries (and beyond)

By Jenny Silbiger (Follow us on LinkedIn) Living BIG is an acronym standing for: Boundaries, Integrity, and Generosity, and is one of the many lessons that surfaced from Dr. Brene Brown’s decades of research around shame, vulnerability, compassion, and wholehearted living. You may have seen my post on the Gifts of Imperfection as relating to lawContinue reading “Living BIG in our Law Libraries (and beyond)”

Applying the Gifts of Imperfection to Law Libraries

By Jenny Silbiger (Follow us on LinkedIn) Happy Holidays NBU colleagues and friends! Last year at this time, I talked about making space for the complicated experiences, nuances, and emotions that the holiday season can bring.  The same person who feels enormous gratitude and generosity for the world can also hold inexpressible grief and sorrow,Continue reading “Applying the Gifts of Imperfection to Law Libraries”

Living with Gratitude-Even When Youʻre Mad, Sad, or Angry

By Jenny Silbiger I promise this is not a preachy, everyone should just smile, then love and laughter and butterflies will follow type of note.  While thereʻs nothing wrong at all with love, laughter, and butterflies, there is something to say about smiling when we don’t feel like it, or society’s pressure to gloss overContinue reading Living with Gratitude-Even When Youʻre Mad, Sad, or Angry

Candle in the Wind

By Jenny Silbiger We find ourselves in a world opened up from pandemic safety restrictions, with libraries in various scenes of full operation, and for which I find myself in a state of cautious excitement about embracing the physical opening of our doors, delivery of in-person services and physical access to our resources.  At theContinue reading “Candle in the Wind”

“Americans and the Holocaust”: Libraries Keeping the Lights On

By Jenny Silbiger The Americans and the Holocaust (AATH) traveling exhibit arrived to our island home of Oʻahu on January 28, 2022, and left a couple of days ago, on March 9th.  The traveling version of AATH was sponsored by the US Holocaust Memorial Museum and the American Library Association, and my amazing colleagues atContinue reading ““Americans and the Holocaust”: Libraries Keeping the Lights On”

‘Tis the Season – Kindness and Sorrow in 2021

By Jenny Silbiger Full disclosure:  I’m sitting at my keyboard wearing felt antlers as I type this, having recently visited Santa with my two daughters whose (slightly forced) annual Christmas present to their mother is a photo shoot with him.  Girls are a tween and a teen, which explains the ‘slightly forced,’ as well asContinue reading “‘Tis the Season – Kindness and Sorrow in 2021”