Have a Toxic Boss? Get Out!

by Marcelo Rodríguez We get used to everything and anything: from the inept and the incompetent to the toxic and the abusive. My thesis gets confirmed every time I get emails commenting on my previous posts: Let’s Play a Game: Who is Missing at the Law Library Table? and Top 5 Things to Do inContinue reading “Have a Toxic Boss? Get Out!”

One Year in Tucson: Teaching and Healing

By Marcelo Rodríguez February 2022 meant that I have been at the University of Arizona’s College of Law Library in Tucson for one whole year. Although the pandemic has rendered the passing of time a mere illusion (more than usual!), I still think it’s a good moment to attempt to answer at least one ofContinue reading “One Year in Tucson: Teaching and Healing”

Research Sources on Hate Groups and the Jan. 6 Capitol Assault

By Marcelo Rodríguez Undeniably, white supremacists and other hate and extremist groups have increased in visibility and impact in the United States over the past ten years or so. No other event in the recent history of our country exemplifies this trend more than the armed assault and insurrection which took place in the US CapitolContinue reading “Research Sources on Hate Groups and the Jan. 6 Capitol Assault”

Let’s Play a Game: Who Is Missing At The Law Library Table?

By Marcelo Rodríguez In general, law librarians tend to be very active and aware of social issues around our profession as well as US society at large and the inevitable and impactful connections between them. This active role translates into calls to action, statements, education and training programing, difficult yet needed conversations and so on.Continue reading “Let’s Play a Game: Who Is Missing At The Law Library Table?”

Remembering RBG as a Law Librarian in 5782

By Marcelo Rodríguez Yahrzeit is probably the first word that comes to mind when thinking about the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) in this new Jewish year of 5782, during these Days of Awe. Yahrzeit is the word my Ashkenazi sisters and brothers use to mark the anniversary of someone who has passed. RBGContinue reading “Remembering RBG as a Law Librarian in 5782”