We Are Not History

By Mikayla Redden I hadn’t been in graduate school more than a month when I noticed something alarming about the Library of Congress (LoC) classification system—the alphanumeric system we, in academic libraries, use to organize our collections. Materials about Indigenous folks in Canada were mostly confined to the E’s. For any readers not familiar withContinue reading “We Are Not History”

“A few bad apples?” Investigating the Origins of the ‘Freedom Convoy’

By Mikayla Redden In January 2022, the Freedom Convoy, also known as Truckers for Freedom, caught the attention of Canadian media. The convoy was then thought to be organized by long-haul truck drivers, who were planning a large-scale convoy to the nation’s capital in protest of a federal mandate for these truckers to be vaccinatedContinue reading ““A few bad apples?” Investigating the Origins of the ‘Freedom Convoy’”