The Sunny Side (when available) of Mental Illness

By Stéphanie Pham-Dang I’m a reference librarian, because I like to connect with people. A colleague once compared me to sunlight. I’ve heard this before (see my first post). She watches me interacting, while she’s at the loan desk. She says I’m a circular conversationalist: patrons ask questions, I answer, then I ask them questions,Continue reading “The Sunny Side (when available) of Mental Illness”

Some of My Best Friends Are Books

By Stéphanie Pham-Dang I have been an academic law librarian for over 11 years. I’m proudly born and raised in Montréal.  I studied law about 20 years ago mostly for the wrong reasons, obvious ones for immigrants of first and second generations. Of course, I got lost along the way…Yet those LL.B years were theContinue reading “Some of My Best Friends Are Books”