Law Librarians in Paradise: A Celebration of our Community

By Mandy Lee (Follow us on LinkedIn) We hurried toward one another, arms outstretched. Although we had met in person only once before, nearly a year previously, at the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) conference in Denver, our reunion was one of old friends. Jenny Silbiger greeted me, Hawaiian-style, with a fresh orchid lei whichContinue reading “Law Librarians in Paradise: A Celebration of our Community”

Buon Viaggio: Encounters with Strangers

By Mandy Lee (Follow us on LinkedIn) “I emailed the entry instructions to you as a reply to your email. I didn’t see your email before. It must have been in my spam folder.” A faint, embarrassed laugh followed.  She was lying. Otherwise, how would she have known to look in her spam folder for myContinue reading “Buon Viaggio: Encounters with Strangers”

Presentation Tips that I Learned from Marc Anthony

By Mandy Lee (Follow us on LinkedIn) “Chicago, we’re nearing the end of our world tour. We’re trying to find the loudest city in the world. So far, it’s Montreal. Show ‘em how it’s done, Chicago!” The roar that followed likely could have been heard around the globe. Even Marc, the “top selling tropical salsa artistContinue reading “Presentation Tips that I Learned from Marc Anthony”

Thanksgiving 101

By Mandy Lee (Follow us on LinkedIn) Where do you work? The attorney smiled.  I’m a law librarian. I don’t practice. Wait. What? I’m a lawyer, & a librarian. I work in a law library. So you practice law AND work in a library? I work at a law school. I don’t practice law. MyContinue reading “Thanksgiving 101”

Contemplating a Visit to NYC

By Mandy Lee The spring breeze wafted against my face. I walked hurriedly through the shade cast by the buildings situated on the westside of Michigan Avenue. It was early on a Sunday morning, and I was on my way to a Spanish restaurant to enjoy brunch with a law school classmate. Down the sidewalk,Continue reading “Contemplating a Visit to NYC”

Georgia On My Mind

By Mandy Lee Earlier this month, I learned of the popular movie, A Time to Kill, based on the John Grisham novel by the same name. Set in Mississippi in the 1980s, it entails, partly, a white man who defends a black man accused of killing the men accused of raping and killing the latter’sContinue reading “Georgia On My Mind”

A Law Librarian Walks into a Shiva

By Mandy Lee “Very Sad News,” the subject line read.  I clicked, apprehensive as to the email’s contents.  “With immense personal sadness,” the email began, “I write to let you know that our friend, colleague, and mentor, AB, passed away this afternoon.” Although I had suspected it more than a year before, I had notContinue reading “A Law Librarian Walks into a Shiva”

Calling All Law Librarians: What Do You Do All Day?

By Mandy Lee In this, my inaugural post for Notes Between Us, I’d like to explore “Us” in Notes Between Us. Who are we? We are all “law librarians,” meaning that we work in legal information settings, guiding people to legal information as our vocations. What do we have in common? Perhaps more importantly, whatContinue reading “Calling All Law Librarians: What Do You Do All Day?”