Change Management Checklist

By Elizabeth Graham At this point, it feels pretty unnecessary to reiterate how libraries are constantly changing, but let the record show I’ve acknowledged it, CHANGE IS A THING. It will always be a thing. Whether it’s a pandemic, a system migration, or even a new boss, change is unavoidable. Throughout my career I’ve comeContinue reading “Change Management Checklist”

Law Librarian by Day, Law Student by Night

by Elizabeth Graham Whenever asked about my decision to go to law school I say, “It’s the best-worst decision I’ve ever made.” After nearly two years as an evening JD student, I stand by that assessment. Inevitably, the next question asked is why I chose to go to law school, and let me tell you,Continue reading “Law Librarian by Day, Law Student by Night”

What’s in a name?

By Elizabeth Graham As it turns out, Shakespeare was wrong. Names do matter, especially when they are used to dismiss, denigrate, or de-professionalize an entire segment of the library profession. For more than three decades, we’ve struggled to agree on a term that best represents those working in libraries without an MLIS degree. Phrases likeContinue reading “What’s in a name?”