Fill Out Your Occupation

By Candice Fong (Follow us on LinkedIn) Fill out your occupation. Seems like such an innocuous request but as a person who has a hard time defining themselves into a nice, neat package, I go through an existential crisis whenever I see this question. Do I write Librarian? Lawyer? Lawyer/Librarian? Librarian/Lawyer? Knowledge Management Specialist? Each labelContinue reading “Fill Out Your Occupation”

Room for Improvement: Recognizing Unconscious Bias When You See It

By Candice Fong (Follow us on LinkedIn) Years ago, I helped a female BIPOC colleague put together a session with a speaker. On the day of the presentation, I walked into the room and introduced myself to whom I thought was the speaker. The person said, “oh I know who you are, Candice, I’m [insert colleague’sContinue reading “Room for Improvement: Recognizing Unconscious Bias When You See It”

My Favourite Flowers

By Candice Fong (Follow us on LinkedIn) It’s the dead of winter in Ontario and I’m already dreaming of flowers. As I mentioned before, I rediscovered gardening during my transformative journey. I am by no means a professional horticulturist – just a garden enthusiast. My gardening philosophy is less weeding and less watering which is accomplishedContinue reading “My Favourite Flowers”

Love That Journey for You

By Candice Fong A former colleague wrote the title of this post to me when I updated her on my life since I left my previous workplace. If you read my earlier previous post, you will know that I took time off from “work” to take a break from the daily grind of corporate life.Continue reading “Love That Journey for You”

Culture Transfer: One Bowl at a Time

By Candice Fong “Ewww that’s disgusting,” as they wrinkled their noses and made mild gagging sounds.  That was the response my children made when I brought a bowl of congee (rice porridge) to the dining table. I couldn’t help but take offense and became defensive.  “Well, you know, fish congee was the very first solidContinue reading “Culture Transfer: One Bowl at a Time”