Friday Night Bottomless Fried Shrimp?

By Ramon Barajas What happened to the days when consumers could purchase goods at an honest price and expect to enjoy the full value of those goods for the duration of the expected lifecycle? Do you remember when a subscription to Sports Illustrated would include your basic print magazine, and they would even throw inContinue reading “Friday Night Bottomless Fried Shrimp?”

2022: Enter the AALL Latinx Caucus!

By Ramon Barajas The first time I heard the term, “Latinx” was at the Latino Caucus business meeting in Austin during the 2017 Annual Meeting of the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL). That was also the first time I attended the Latino Caucus business  meeting. My memory of the events that transpired are aContinue reading “2022: Enter the AALL Latinx Caucus!”

The Plight of a Bookmark Hoarder

By Ramon Barajas The oldest bookmark that I have is dated Oct. 31, 2001. Apparently, when most normal people are getting ready for trick-or-treat or Halloween parties, I was at my desk saving a link to I don’t remember which bookmarking tool I was using in 2001, but I was an early adopter andContinue reading “The Plight of a Bookmark Hoarder”