Making the Ask: Inquiring toward Positive Results

By Aamir Abdullah (Follow us on LinkedIn) As one will notice by observing my contributor’s page, I am immensely interested in the intersection of law and technology. There are many reasons I am so interested in this intersection. Two of those reasons deal with accessibility and ease of access1. Obviously, the internet has revolutionized both. MostContinue reading “Making the Ask: Inquiring toward Positive Results”

AI Writer: Generating the Future of Text

By Aamir Abdullah Some of you may have noticed that there was a Notes Between Us post published by AI Writer earlier this week. For the uninitiated, AI Writer is one of the many, new, “AI Text Generator[s].” It sits among other text generators, such as Wordtune, Sassbook,, and many others1.  For those ofContinue reading “AI Writer: Generating the Future of Text”

AI Writing Generators: The Future Or A Fad?

by AI Writer and Aamir Abdullah If you are looking for a good article builder that will help with your SEO rankings, then check out SEO Content Machine. Let us start by looking at some ways you can use AI for writing content, as well as the latest contributions in the world of content marketing.Continue reading “AI Writing Generators: The Future Or A Fad?”

reMarkable: The Way We Change for Technology

By Aamir Abdullah As with most technophiles, I read about, watch reviews of, and hyper-focus on the latest and greatest advancements in technology. From iPhones to Westlaw Edge updates, I want to ingest all the information I can. I hope to incorporate useful new features and products into my workflow.  Unfortunately, my dreams and imaginationContinue reading “reMarkable: The Way We Change for Technology”

Diving Deep into Docket Reports

Expounding on the notion of using a word cloud and concordance on docket entries by examining Thomas Reuters Enterprise et al v. ROSS Intelligence Inc. (C.A. No. 20-613-LPS). By Aamir Abdullah As previously noted, docket reports may provide a decent snapshot for a given legal case. However, to gleam a view of that snapshot, the inquirerContinue reading “Diving Deep into Docket Reports”