reMarkable: The Way We Change for Technology

By Aamir Abdullah As with most technophiles, I read about, watch reviews of, and hyper-focus on the latest and greatest advancements in technology. From iPhones to Westlaw Edge updates, I want to ingest all the information I can. I hope to incorporate useful new features and products into my workflow.  Unfortunately, my dreams and imaginationContinue reading “reMarkable: The Way We Change for Technology”

Diving Deep into Docket Reports

Expounding on the notion of using a word cloud and concordance on docket entries by examining Thomas Reuters Enterprise et al v. ROSS Intelligence Inc. (C.A. No. 20-613-LPS). By Aamir Abdullah As previously noted, docket reports may provide a decent snapshot for a given legal case. However, to gleam a view of that snapshot, the inquirerContinue reading “Diving Deep into Docket Reports”