The Plight of a Bookmark Hoarder

By Ramon Barajas The oldest bookmark that I have is dated Oct. 31, 2001. Apparently, when most normal people are getting ready for trick-or-treat or Halloween parties, I was at my desk saving a link to I don’t remember which bookmarking tool I was using in 2001, but I was an early adopter andContinue reading “The Plight of a Bookmark Hoarder”

Calling All Law Librarians: What Do You Do All Day?

By Mandy Lee In this, my inaugural post for Notes Between Us, I’d like to explore “Us” in Notes Between Us. Who are we? We are all “law librarians,” meaning that we work in legal information settings, guiding people to legal information as our vocations. What do we have in common? Perhaps more importantly, whatContinue reading “Calling All Law Librarians: What Do You Do All Day?”

Coping after a Disaster

By Aesha Duval Be prepared. Stay informed. Be vigilant. Those are the three main actions emergency response experts urge you to take when preparing for a disaster. But what about after a disaster strikes? After the flood waters have receded, the hurricane winds have stilled or the earth stops shaking, how do you cope withContinue reading “Coping after a Disaster”

Remembering RBG as a Law Librarian in 5782

By Marcelo Rodríguez Yahrzeit is probably the first word that comes to mind when thinking about the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) in this new Jewish year of 5782, during these Days of Awe. Yahrzeit is the word my Ashkenazi sisters and brothers use to mark the anniversary of someone who has passed. RBGContinue reading “Remembering RBG as a Law Librarian in 5782”