Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

By Brandi Robertson Sometimes, the simplest things can have a lasting impact on your life.  One of those instances for me was reading a children’s book with my daughter. When my daughter was in kindergarten, she was assigned to read a book entitled “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?” by Carol McCloud. She was justContinue reading “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?”

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Me and My Law Librarian Friends But Were Afraid to Ask: Zanada Joyner

By Shira Megerman In the second post of “Everything you always wanted to know about me and my law librarian friends but were afraid to ask,” I spoke with Zanada Joyner, Senior Reference Librarian at NC Central University School of Law, and Notes Between Us contributor, on how she became a law librarian.  1. WhatContinue reading “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Me and My Law Librarian Friends But Were Afraid to Ask: Zanada Joyner”

reMarkable: The Way We Change for Technology

By Aamir Abdullah As with most technophiles, I read about, watch reviews of, and hyper-focus on the latest and greatest advancements in technology. From iPhones to Westlaw Edge updates, I want to ingest all the information I can. I hope to incorporate useful new features and products into my workflow.  Unfortunately, my dreams and imaginationContinue reading “reMarkable: The Way We Change for Technology”

“A few bad apples?” Investigating the Origins of the ‘Freedom Convoy’

By Mikayla Redden In January 2022, the Freedom Convoy, also known as Truckers for Freedom, caught the attention of Canadian media. The convoy was then thought to be organized by long-haul truck drivers, who were planning a large-scale convoy to the nation’s capital in protest of a federal mandate for these truckers to be vaccinatedContinue reading ““A few bad apples?” Investigating the Origins of the ‘Freedom Convoy’”

Libraries Work Because People Do

By Rebecca Potance Libraries that run themselves are the stuff of fiction. A library may feel like a magical place, but, in reality, it takes human labor to keep everything running smoothly. Too often library workers are invisible, undervalued and ignored. Our visibility varies depending on the nature of our job duties. Teaching, committee work,Continue reading “Libraries Work Because People Do”

Culture Transfer: One Bowl at a Time

By Candice Fong “Ewww that’s disgusting,” as they wrinkled their noses and made mild gagging sounds.  That was the response my children made when I brought a bowl of congee (rice porridge) to the dining table. I couldn’t help but take offense and became defensive.  “Well, you know, fish congee was the very first solidContinue reading “Culture Transfer: One Bowl at a Time”

Have a Toxic Boss? Get Out!

by Marcelo Rodríguez We get used to everything and anything: from the inept and the incompetent to the toxic and the abusive. My thesis gets confirmed every time I get emails commenting on my previous posts: Let’s Play a Game: Who is Missing at the Law Library Table? and Top 5 Things to Do inContinue reading “Have a Toxic Boss? Get Out!”

Friday Night Bottomless Fried Shrimp?

By Ramon Barajas What happened to the days when consumers could purchase goods at an honest price and expect to enjoy the full value of those goods for the duration of the expected lifecycle? Do you remember when a subscription to Sports Illustrated would include your basic print magazine, and they would even throw inContinue reading “Friday Night Bottomless Fried Shrimp?”

From Invisible to Invaluable: Get Seen, Get Heard, Get Ahead

By Jennifer Mendez I recently attended the ARK Law Firm Libraries 2022 conference in New York City, and I was blown away by the keynote delivered by Robyn Hatcher on the first day of the conference. On her website, Robyn describes herself as a communication expert, international keynote speaker, coach, author, and consultant. She tapsContinue reading “From Invisible to Invaluable: Get Seen, Get Heard, Get Ahead”

Practice Makes Powerful: Experiential Learning in Law Libraries

By Michael Muehe As I near the end of my MS in Library and Information Science program (with just two classes left following the Spring term), I began to reflect on just how fortunate I was to have so many experiences coincide with my studies. I remember being advised early on to “work in asContinue reading “Practice Makes Powerful: Experiential Learning in Law Libraries”