Student Loan Relief and the Value of Black Student Life

By Itunu Sofidiya No one has ever doubted that White lives matter. That message has been made abundantly clear and is engraved in the minds of all Americans. The issue is do people realize that Black lives matter? Do they value blackness at all? Whether the answer was made overtly, via slavery and Jim CrowContinue reading Student Loan Relief and the Value of Black Student Life

On Going with the Flow

By Rebecca Potance I have this recurring dream where I’m sitting in the passenger seat of a car desperately trying to steer the vehicle. My feet can’t reach the pedals, my arms can’t reach the steering wheel, there’s no one in the driver’s seat, but yet the car is moving. I feel sick and IContinue reading “On Going with the Flow”

Deferring A Dream

By Marlena Okechukwu “Whatever happens to a dream deferred?” The famous first line of Langston Hughes’ classic poem, Harlem, is frequently posed rhetorically in song, classrooms, and art. It’s a powerful question that belies the simple structure of the poem in which it first appeared. In her classic play, A Raisin in the Sun, LorraineContinue reading “Deferring A Dream”

Getting to Know the New AALL Latinx Caucus Chair

By Ramon Barajas One of the greatest benefits of volunteering with AALL is the opportunity to meet new and interesting information professionals. I recently had the privilege of meeting up with the new Chair of the AALL Latinx Caucus in person in downtown Los Angeles. He has a lot of energy and charisma. I’m thrilledContinue reading “Getting to Know the New AALL Latinx Caucus Chair”

From DOOM Box to Boom Box

By Michael Muehe In July, I attended the AALL conference in Denver, ready to take in new ideas, meet new people, and learn lots of librarianship tips and tricks from colleagues and vendors; but, in the back of my mind, I worried about how much information I would actually end up remembering from it. AsContinue reading “From DOOM Box to Boom Box”

How Do You Keep Your Inbox So Clean?

By Ana Rosa Ramírez Toft-Nielsen After writing my first entry, Coffee, and Red Lipstick, a few readers suggested I make it a series about juggling it all, multitasking, and creating a support system. So here it is – Part 2 – “How do you keep your inbox so clean?” Funny, I never gave it muchContinue reading “How Do You Keep Your Inbox So Clean?”

‘Sorry for the Genocide’: Breaking Down The Pope’s Apology Tour

By Mikayla Redden A lot has transpired in Canadian Indigenous relations since my last contribution here. Turtle Island has played host to the head of the world’s most powerful religious institution; the head of the British Monarchy, of which Canada is a commonwealth state, has died; and a new leader who has expressed racist andContinue reading “‘Sorry for the Genocide’: Breaking Down The Pope’s Apology Tour”

Living with Gratitude-Even When Youʻre Mad, Sad, or Angry

By Jenny Silbiger I promise this is not a preachy, everyone should just smile, then love and laughter and butterflies will follow type of note.  While thereʻs nothing wrong at all with love, laughter, and butterflies, there is something to say about smiling when we don’t feel like it, or society’s pressure to gloss overContinue reading Living with Gratitude-Even When Youʻre Mad, Sad, or Angry