NBU is One Year Old!

By Marcelo Rodríguez We did it! ¡Enhorabuena, Félicitations, Congratulations and Mazal tov! Our adventure called, Notes Between Us (NBU) is officially one year old. And the path to arrive here has truly been an adventure of learning from each other, collaborating and giving words to our thoughts and perspectives. Over the past year, we haveContinue reading “NBU is One Year Old!”

Vibes and Trusting Yourself

By Zanada Joyner “Gotta feel the vibes, real from my creation” – Phife Recently a newer professional was retelling how they landed on their law school matriculation. According to them, a campus visit convinced them that the vibe was off. Just like that, scholarships, esteemed faculty, higher tiered institution – nope. The vibe was off. Continue reading “Vibes and Trusting Yourself”

How Far Along Are You on That Anti-Racist Reading List?

By Lynie Awywen Black Lives Still Matter. It has been over two years since the untimely death of George Floyd, a Black man who died when Derek Chauvin, a Minneapolis police officer, knelt on his neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds. Months before, outrage erupted over the deaths of Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery.Continue reading “How Far Along Are You on That Anti-Racist Reading List?”

A Few Thoughts on Coordinating Conference Panels

By Marcelo Rodríguez During this year’s Annual Meeting of the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL), I will be coordinating four panels as well as taking on some important responsibilities as the current chair of the AALL Foreign, Comparative and International Law (FCIL) – SIS. To say that this is a lot of work isContinue reading “A Few Thoughts on Coordinating Conference Panels”

We Are Not History

By Mikayla Redden I hadn’t been in graduate school more than a month when I noticed something alarming about the Library of Congress (LoC) classification system—the alphanumeric system we, in academic libraries, use to organize our collections. Materials about Indigenous folks in Canada were mostly confined to the E’s. For any readers not familiar withContinue reading “We Are Not History”

Contemplating a Visit to NYC

By Mandy Lee The spring breeze wafted against my face. I walked hurriedly through the shade cast by the buildings situated on the westside of Michigan Avenue. It was early on a Sunday morning, and I was on my way to a Spanish restaurant to enjoy brunch with a law school classmate. Down the sidewalk,Continue reading “Contemplating a Visit to NYC”

The Singular They: Gender Inclusivity in Canadian Legal Writing and Style Guides

By Dominique Garingan Language is a product of culture, and it is known that the English language lacks a singular pronoun that signifies the non-specific he or she. Although at times unintentional, this singularity versus plurality of pronouns, coupled with gendered indicators, has helped entrench the binary perceptions of gender found in writing which weContinue reading “The Singular They: Gender Inclusivity in Canadian Legal Writing and Style Guides”

Now, Where Was I? Finding Your Focus as an ADHD Law Librarian

By Michael Muehe “That’s a lot of books, you must like to read,” a stranger said to me while we waited for the bus, pointing to the couple of books I was holding. “I’m a librarian, reading’s a big part of me, I suppose,” I replied lightheartedly. Little did this person know that I hadContinue reading “Now, Where Was I? Finding Your Focus as an ADHD Law Librarian”