Different Skills in Your Librarianship Path: Art Tours and Cataloguing

By Kaia MacLeod (Follow us on LinkedIn) Oftentimes, I use a 2021 job posting for a Canadian National Film Board Librarian as an example of requirements versus skills when talking to current MLIS students. As someone with a film degree, there was a chance I could become a film librarian but one of the job requirementsContinue reading “Different Skills in Your Librarianship Path: Art Tours and Cataloguing”

Stay or Go in a World on Fire

By Donna Nixon (Follow us on LinkedIn) A myth widely told is that a frog in tepid water that slowly is heated to boiling will stay in the pot and boil to death. It is fiction meant to convey the idea that one can normalize and passively accept being in an untenable or life-threatening situation becauseContinue reading “Stay or Go in a World on Fire”

Buon Viaggio: Encounters with Strangers

By Mandy Lee (Follow us on LinkedIn) “I emailed the entry instructions to you as a reply to your email. I didn’t see your email before. It must have been in my spam folder.” A faint, embarrassed laugh followed.  She was lying. Otherwise, how would she have known to look in her spam folder for myContinue reading “Buon Viaggio: Encounters with Strangers”

Those in the Audience: What’s Going On?!

By Le’Shawn Turner (Follow us on LinkedIn) School has begun for the 2023-2024 academic year! Undoubtedly, the beginning of school brings the start of school-sponsored sports. There will be football, volleyball, softball, cross country, basketball, wrestling, track & field, soccer, tennis, and (while not a sport) band. I encourage my children to participate in as manyContinue reading “Those in the Audience: What’s Going On?!”

Can Nature Predict an Active Hurricane Season?

By Aesha Duval (Follow us on LinkedIn) Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson once said, “Even with all our technology and the inventions that make modern life so much easier than it once was, it takes just one big natural disaster to wipe all that away and remind us that, here on Earth, we’re still at the mercyContinue reading “Can Nature Predict an Active Hurricane Season?”

A Tale of Change and Healing Through… a Sandwich

By Cecilia Tellis (Follow us on LinkedIn) Today, for the first time in a long time, I made a sandwich. Well, two actually – one for me, and one for my kiddo. Nothing too fancy: lightly toasted rye bread, ham (the plant-based kind), Swiss cheese (not my fave, but all that we had), thinly sliced dillContinue reading “A Tale of Change and Healing Through… a Sandwich”

Is a Virtual Photo Shoot Right for You?

By Michelle Cosby (Follow us on LinkedIn) Throughout the years, I have lost track of the countless headshots I have had taken in my career. Some of these were captured by professional photographers, while others were taken by good souls armed with cameras. However, there is only one single headshot that I love. It is quiteContinue reading “Is a Virtual Photo Shoot Right for You?”

Postcards from the Gender War: Job Hunting as a Trans Early-Career Librarian

By Ezekiel Amari McGee (Follow us on LinkedIn) For the past year, watching the news often feels like watching a Hitchcock film—you know something awful’s coming, it’s just a matter of when. While we all can certainly take our pick of the various horrors plaguing our world, as a genderqueer person I tend to be mostContinue reading “Postcards from the Gender War: Job Hunting as a Trans Early-Career Librarian”

Making the Ask: Inquiring toward Positive Results

By Aamir Abdullah (Follow us on LinkedIn) As one will notice by observing my contributor’s page, I am immensely interested in the intersection of law and technology. There are many reasons I am so interested in this intersection. Two of those reasons deal with accessibility and ease of access1. Obviously, the internet has revolutionized both. MostContinue reading “Making the Ask: Inquiring toward Positive Results”

Leading With Authority

By Jaime Valenzuela (Follow us on LinkedIn) Recently, I waited with my daughter at her bus pickup location. She and I saw a pair of children, a brother and sister, my daughter informed me, interacting with one another verbally as they waited for the same bus. The brother sat on the sidewalk with his backpack on,Continue reading “Leading With Authority”