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Different Skills in Your Librarianship Path: Art Tours and Cataloguing by Kaia McLeod (2023/09/25)

Stay or Go in a World on Fire by Donna Nixon (2023/09/18)

Buon Viaggio: Encounters with Strangers by Mandy Lee (2023/09/13)

Those in the Audience: What’s Going On?! by Le’Shawn Turner (2023/09/11)

Can Nature Predict an Active Hurricane Season? by Aesha Duval (2023/09/07)

A Tale of Change and Healing Through… a Sandwich by Cecilia Tellis (2023/09/04)

Is a Virtual Photo Shoot Right for You? by Michelle Cosby (2023/08/31)

Postcards from the Gender War: Job Hunting as a Trans Early-Career Librarian by Ezekiel Amari McGee (2023/08/30)

Making the Ask: Inquiring Toward Positive Results by Aamir Abdullah (2023/08/28)

Leading With Authority by Jaime Valenzuela (2023/08/23)

Librarianship Outside the United States: Interview with Cristian Chisaba by Elaine Tornés Blanco (2023/08/21)

Depression Hurts: You Can Make It Better by Rebecca Potance (2023/08/15)

Mo Money, Mo Problems: How to Quit by Trezlen Drake (2023/08/09)

Living Well, Living Mindfully in a Post-Pandemic World by Allan Cho (2023/08/07)

Keeping a Healthy Mindset at Work – The Librarian’s Four Agreements by Havilah Steinman Bakke (2023/08/02)

Of Practice Directions and Legal Citation Guides: A Brief Reflection on Citing Generative AI Tools and Content by Dominique Garingan (2023/07/31)

We Are Not History Part II: How You Can Help by Mikayla Redden (2023/07/27)

Mediation as a Life Skill by Michael Muehe (2023/07/24)

Conferencing While Marginalized by Marlena Okechukwu (2023/07/16)

Your First Rodeo by Ramon Barajas (2023/07/09)

The “5 D’s” of Anti Racism by Jenny Silbiger (2023/07/04)

2023 NBU Awards! by Marcelo Rodríguez (2023/06/25)

Code Switching – A Caribbean Perspective by Aesha Duval (2023/06/21)

Summer Plans for You and Me by Le’Shawn Turner (2023/06/19)

Work Life Balance, Guilty Mom Syndrome by Itunu Sofidiya (2023/06/12)

Write Me a Post, ChatGPT by Mike Martinez (2023/06/07)

Room for Improvement: Recognizing Unconscious Bias When You See It by Candice Fong (2023/06/05)

Suicide: Why We Need to Talk About It by Rebecca Plevel (2023/06/01)

Moving the Field Forward: a Kickstarter to Support Law Libraries Statistics by Sarah Sutherland (2023/05/29)

Animals and Inmates: Second Chances by Rebecca Potance (2023/05/22)

An Ode to My Elders: On The Value of Intergenerational Connections by Lynie Awywen (2023/05/15)

Presentation Tips that I Learned from Marc Anthony by Mandy Lee (2023/05/08)

AI Tools in Legal Writing: ChatGPT Enhances, But Does Not Replace, Librarians and Attorneys by Ana Rosa Ramírez Toft-Nielsen (2023/05/03)

Swastikas on Campus by Marcelo Rodríguez (2023/04/27)

Ruthlessly Doing Less by Sabrina Sondhi (2023/04/23)

How to be a librarian (or succeed in self-directed work) when you have ADHD: Part 2 by Mikayla Redden (2023/04/19)

Happy Birthday to Me! by Ramon Barajas (2023/04/16)

A Load Too Heavy by Marlena Okechukwu (2023/04/12)

ChatGPT and Law Librarians – Potential and Peril by Jennifer Mendez (2023/04/11)

Legal Research as Music Festival by Michael Muehe (2023/04/09)

How to Be a Librarian (or succeed in self-directed work) When You Have ADHD: Part 1 by Mikayla Redden (2023/04/05)

How to Become a Better Writer by Aesha Duval (2023/04/03)

Preliminary Reflections on Legal Research Instruction: A Law Firm Librarian’s Perceptions on Navigating the Academic Space by Dominique Garingan (2023/03/29)

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Me and My Law Librarian Friends But Were Afraid to Ask: Avery Vinson by Shira Megerman (2023/03/27)

In Search of the Evil Librarian by Marcelo Rodríguez (2023/03/22)

Women, Women, Women! by Le’Shawn Turner (2023/03/20)

Living BIG in our Law Libraries (and beyond) by Jenny Silbiger (2023/03/14)

From L.A. Law to The Matrix by Mike Martinez (2023/03/08)

Just a Librarian Doing Indian Law by Rebecca Plevel (2023/03/06)

Different Strokes for Different Folks by Rebecca Potance (2023/02/28)

That All May Read: Library Services for the Blind and Print Disabled by Brandi Robertson (2023/02/20)

My Favourite Flowers by Candice Fong (2023/02/15)

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Me and My Law Librarian Friends But Were Afraid to Ask: Stefanie Weigmann by Shira Megerman (2023/02/13)

Grateful For This Cup of Delicious Coffee by Ramon Barajas (2023/02/06)

Honouring the Radical History of Self-Care by Lynie Awywen (2023/02/01)

Deferring a Dream – Part II by Marlena Okechukwu (2023/01/30)

Old Habits Die Hard – Confirmation Bias in Research by Michael Muehe (2023/01/23)

The Benefits and Virtues of Actually Keeping in Touch by Sabrina Sondhi (2023/01/18)

Ay Ay AI Writer by Aamir Abdullah (2023/01/16)

Dotting the I’s of Connection by Andre Davison (2023/01/11)

The Pack Horse Library Project of East Kentucky by Caroline Nevin (2023/01/09)

J’ouvert and Playing Mas’: Why Carnival Matters by Aesha Duval (2023/01/03)

Applying the Gifts of Imperfection to Law Libraries by Jenny Silbiger (2022/12/27)

Thanksgiving 101 by Mandy Lee (2022/12/19)

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? by Le’Shawn Turner (2022/12/12)

Jewish Book Month: Our Top 5 Recommendations by Marcelo Rodríguez (2022/12/07)

NDEAM and the Right to Equal Pay by Brandi Robertson (2022/12/05)

Student Loan Relief and the Value of Black Student Life by Itunu Sofidiya (25022/11/28)

On Going with the Flow by Rebecca Potance (2022/11/21)

Love That Journey for You by Candice Fong (2022/11/14)

Deferring A Dream by Marlena Okechukwu (2022/11/07)

Getting to Know the New AALL Latinx Caucus Chair by Ramon Barajas (2022/11/01)

From DOOM Box to Boom Box by Michael Muehe (2022/10/27)

How Do You Keep Your Inbox So Clean? by Ana Rosa Ramírez Toft-Nielsen (2022/10/24)

‘Sorry for the Genocide’: Breaking Down the Pope’s Apology Tour by Mikayla Redden (2022/10/19)

Mini Walking Tour of Downtown Chicago by Mandy Lee (2022/10/16)

Living With Gratitude by Jenny Silbiger (2022/10/12)

Latinx Heritage Month by Jennifer Mendez (2022/10/10)

The People You Work With Are Not Your Family by Marcelo Rodríguez (2022/10/05)

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Me and My Law Librarian Friends But Were Afraid to Ask: Beth Adelman by Shira Megerman (2022/10/02)

Truth and Reconciliation/Orange Shirt Day: From Difficult Conversations to Amplifying Indigenous Voices by Lynie Awywen (2022/09/28)

Following the Yellow Brick Road: My First Trip to AALL by Le’Shawn Turner (2022/09/26)

AI Writer: Generating the Future of Text by Aamir Abdullah (2022/09/20)

AI Writing Generators: The Future or a Fad? (2022/09/18)

Journalists and Trauma: The Stories that Stuck With Me by Aesha Duval (2022/09/12)

Do You Speak Spanish? by Mike Martinez (2022/09/05)

Should We Be Doing Less? by Sabrina Sondhi (2022/08/29)

The Sunny Side (when available) of Mental Illness by Stéphanie Pham-Dang (2022/08/23)

Nothing Compares 2 U by Rebecca Potance (2022/08/16)

The Gap by Candice Fong (2022/08/09)

NBU is One Year Old! by Marcelo Rodríguez (2022/08/04)

Coffee and Red Lipstick by Ana Rosa Ramirez Toft-Nielsen (2022/08/02)

Vibes and Trusting Yourself by Zanada Joyner (2022/07/27)

How Far Along Are You on That Anti-Racist Reading List? by Lynie Awywen (2022/07/24)

A Few Thoughts on Coordinating Conference Panels by Marcelo Rodríguez (2022/07/13)

Improvising and Excelling by Ramon Barajas (2022/07/11)

We Are Not History by Mikayla Redden (2022/07/05)

Contemplating a Visit to NYC by Mandy Lee (2022/06/27)

The Singular They: Gender Inclusivity in Canadian Legal Writing and Style Guides by Dominique Garingan (2022/06/22)

Now, Where Was I? Finding Your Focus as an ADHD Law Librarian by Michael Muehe (2022/06/20)

Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Pride at Work by Marcelo Rodríguez (2022/06/15)

Public Law Librarianship in Action by Caroline Nevin (2022/06/13)

Candle in the Wind by Jenny Silbiger (2022/06/08)

The Pelau That Unites Us by Aesha Duval (2022/06/06)

Failing Forward – Moving Forward on the Heels of Tragedy by Andre Davison (2022/06/01)

Change Management Checklist by Elizabeth Graham (2022/05/30)

Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Brandi Robertson (2022/05/25)

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Me and My Law Librarian Friends But Were Afraid to Ask: Zanada Joyner by Shira Megerman (2022/05/23)

reMarkable: The Way We Change for Technology by Aamir Abdullah (2022/05/16)

“A few bad apples?” Investigating the Origins of the ‘Freedom Convoy’ by Mikayla Redden (2022/05/11)

Libraries Work Because People Do by Rebecca Potance (2022/05/09)

Culture Transfer: One Bowl at a Time by Candice Fong (2022/05/03)

Have a Toxic Boss? Get Out! by Marcelo Rodríguez (2022/04/25)

Friday Night Bottomless Fried Shrimp? by Ramon Barajas (2022/04/19)

From Invisible to Invaluable: Get Seen, Get Heard, Get Ahead by Jennifer Mendez (2022/04/11)

Practice Makes Powerful: Experiential Learning in Law Libraries by Michael Muehe (2022/04/04)

Some of My Best Friends Are… by Stéphanie Pham-Dang (2022/03/29)

A Call to Ditch the Term ‘Racialized’ When Describing BIPOC Communities by Lynie Awywen (2022/03/23)

In Light of Those Most Vulnerable: Reflections on the Canadian Convoy Protests by Dominique Garingan (2022/03/21)

“Americans and the Holocaust”: Libraries Keeping the Lights On by Jenny Silbiger (2022/03/16)

One Year in Tucson: Teaching and Healing by Marcelo Rodríguez (2022/03/14)

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Me But You Were Afraid to Ask by Shira Megerman (2022/03/07)

Georgia On My Mind by Mandy Lee (2022/03/02)

Reclaiming Our History – Access to Colonial and Historical Archives by Aesha Duval (2022/02/28)

Boycott Silence! My Black History Month Protest by Andre Davison (2022/02/23)

Law Librarian by Day, Law Student by Night by Elizabeth Graham (2022/02/21)

Riding the Wave of the “Great Resignation” by Brandi Robertson (2022/02/15)

Westlaw, Do Tell by Aamir Abdullah (2022/02/07)

“Sovereign Citizens” in the Courts: A Law Librarian’s Perspective by Rebecca Potance (2022/02/01)

2022: Enter the AALL Latinx Caucus! by Ramon Barajas (2022/01/24)

Return from the “Zoomiverse”: Post-pandemic Teaching in Academic Law Libraries by Michael Muehe (2022/01/18)

Good Advice that You Just Didn’t Take by Zanada Joyner (2022/01/10)

Research Sources on Hate Groups and the Jan. 6 Capitol Assault by Marcelo Rodríguez (2022/01/03)

‘Tis the Season – Kindness and Sorrow in 2021 by Jenny Silbiger (2021/12/20)

Do I Have To?! Professional Development and Law Librarians by Clanitra Stewart Nejdl (2021/12/14)

Universal Design in Law Librarianship by Aesha Duval (2021/12/07)

A Law Librarian Walks into a Shiva by Mandy Lee (2021/12/01)

Giving Back: Dr. Yvonne Chandler’s Legacy by Andre Davison (2021/11/23)

Speak Up and Advocate for Yourself! by Brandi Robertson (2021/11/17)

What’s in a Name? by Elizabeth Graham (2021/11/10)

Diving Deep into Docket Reports by Aamir Abdullah (2021/11/03)

Let’s Play a Game: Who is Missing at the Law Library Table? by Marcelo Rodríguez (2021/10/27)

“Missing White Women Syndrome” and Invisibility by Zanada Joyner (2021/10/20)

The Plight of a Bookmark Hoarder by Ramon Barajas (2021/10/07)

Stranger in a Strange Land: Changing Jurisdictions as a New Law Librarian by Michael Muehe (2021/10/12)

Calling All Law Librarians: What Do You Do All Day? by Mandy Lee (2021/09/29)

Coping after a Disaster by Aesha Duval (2021/09/22)

Updating your Résumé or CV is an Important Obligation… to Yourself by Clanitra Stewart Nejdl (2021/09/01)

Review of CAE’s The Right to Be Safe: Upstander & Self Defense Response to Anti-Asian Harassment & Violence Workshop by Jenny Silbiger (2021/09/09)

Remembering RBG as a Law Librarian in 5782 by Marcelo Rodríguez (2021/09/14)

Government Law Librarians: Let’s Talk! by Brandi Robertson (2021/08/26)

AALL: Striving to be the Peloton of Law Libraries by Andre Davison (2021/08/19)

Use of Dockets to Get the Snapshot of a Case by Aamir Abdullah (2021/08/12)

Top 5 Things to Do in a Toxic Workplace by Marcelo Rodríguez (2021/04/19)