Law Librarians in Paradise: A Celebration of our Community

By Mandy Lee (Follow us on LinkedIn)

We hurried toward one another, arms outstretched. Although we had met in person only once before, nearly a year previously, at the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) conference in Denver, our reunion was one of old friends. Jenny Silbiger greeted me, Hawaiian-style, with a fresh orchid lei which I wore around my neck for the rest of the day, a symbol not just of my host’s aloha spirit but also of the warmth of the law librarian community. 

Jenny & me, in and in front of Hawaii State Judiciary Center

State Law Librarian of Hawaii, Jenny accompanied me on a guided tour of the Hawaii Judiciary Center, then showed me around the State Law Library. 

Amid the eye-poppingly gorgeous scenery of the Hawaiian Islands, the meetup was the highlight of my trip.

In the Big Apple a month earlier, I had dined, on multiple occasions, with three law librarians, two of whom I had also met for the first time in person in Denver.  

For me, the most meaningful aspect of travel is interacting with local people, and/or people whom I know. Sure, there are sights to be seen, but I can, to some extent, see sights online, at home, from the vantage point of my couch. 

Some of the most fun that I have all year takes place during the AALL Annual Meeting and Conference, where I have the good fortune to see old friends and make new ones.

Wherever I go on my next vacation, I know I can always meet up with a law librarian.


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