How Do You Keep Your Inbox So Clean?

By Ana Rosa Ramírez Toft-Nielsen

After writing my first entry, Coffee, and Red Lipstick, a few readers suggested I make it a series about juggling it all, multitasking, and creating a support system. So here it is – Part 2 – “How do you keep your inbox so clean?” Funny, I never gave it much thought, but I have had co-workers ask me this all the time. I never realized it was even a “thing.” My Type A personality just kicked in and figured out a system that works for my work style and how I think. 

Smartphone with screen that says Inbox
Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

Here is it – I have an insane “to do” list with set deadlines and LOTS of folders with subfolders. This is my system when an email comes in:

  1. Respond right away if it is a quick response and file it. 
  2. If I don’t have an answer, I let the sender know I am working on it.
  3. I let the email sit for a few hours to hopefully respond that day.
  4. If I am not getting a response, I categorize the email as a “red” (if your email system allows).
  5. I then file that in the various folders I have for projects, by a sender’s name, or office (use what makes sense for your workflow). 
  6. Next, I add it as a “to do” in my task section and give it a completion date. 

This system allows me to mentally take away the clutter. I can’t work with clutter. I need set tasks, deadlines, and answers. If I have too many emails sitting, my anxiety starts to kick in. I need the least amount of noise possible since my job is talking (aka teaching/training), scheduling and organizing. It helps keep some sort of control over the chaos that is my life and schedule.

I mentioned in my last blog that I set deadlines. By setting deadlines, it helps me not let things fall through the cracks. When you are organizing several programs and working on various projects, I must set deadlines. If not, I will 100% forget a detail. My brain is juggling too much noise to not have reminders. These deadlines can just be considered that – reminders. 

For step 4, I do not flag the email and connect it to my to do list. I like to manage the emails with the category function and create my own deadlines in my task section. For me, the flags take more work and I have less control on setting the follow up deadlines. I know the flags have different functions that can be set, but I like to keep it simple – make it the least complicated. Our lives are complicated enough. 

Again, this system works for me. Since I have had a lot of people ask, I thought sharing my system might help someone else control the noise. Our days are busy, demanding, and hectic. Every little skill can relieve just a little more stress! Tell me, which system has worked for you?


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